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Eystrahorn Flateyri Jökulsá morning light Lómagnúpur Lón


Iceland has almost 7000 kilometres of coastline. Glaciation and the endless pounding of the Arctic Ocean have produced great variation - fjords, towering sea cliffs, black sand beaches and glacial flood plains, rifts, lagoons and rocky bays.


Fishing is of great economic importance and the fishing fleet takes refuge in sheltered harbours around the coast. High rainfall and glacial melt-water give rise to countless rivers and streams in Iceland ranging from wide glacial rivers to moorland springs.

Beach at Dyrhólaey

Although usually fast flowing, the volume and depth of rivers changes rapidly depending upon rainfall and temperature - the level of snow melt. Rivers that were passable in the morning can be impossible to cross just a few hours later.

Djúpivogur Harbour

Glacial rivers are coloured by the sediment they carry and easily distinguished from the clear, fresh water streams and rivers. Iceland’s rivers support large numbers of salmon and trout, making it one of Europe’s best fly fishing destinations. The Laxá river as it exits Lake Mývatn and makes its way northward is a particular favourite with anglers.

Images of Iceland’s rivers & coastlines

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Sunset over Lón