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Northern lights, one of the great spectacles of the natural world, should be experienced first hand - photographs hardly do them justice. They are caused by the sun’s activity - solar radiation is attracted by the earth’s magnetic field to the polar regions. As the charged particles collide with gases in the upper atmosphere, photons are released giving rise to the aurora.

Northern lights

The colours range from green, through purple to red which swirl and dart through the sky. Although the phenomenon can occur at any time of year, they are most conspicuous in Iceland between September and March. You need a dark, clear night with little or no moon. 

Northern lights over Keflavik

Find a place away from the light pollution of towns, then look to the north and north west and if there is sufficient solar activity you should see them. The most usual time for them to appear is around 10 pm but we have seen them as early as 7 pm and as late as 5 am. Well worth staying up for.

Images of Northern Lights


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